Fahad Sharahili

Third Year Student In Bachelor of Information Technology.

Professionally, I am very interested in system services and networking is my best practices — delivering robust, well-tested — as I am a full-time student. For hobbyist computing, once I graduate, I intend to pursue my backlog of data visualization projects because it’s visual, challenging, and rewarding!

I’m most proud of the projects listed in the university. Every project I’ve completed has been incredibly challenging and frustrating at times, but the end-results are very rewarding. Through these projects, I’ve learned practical skills, but I also learned how to overcome fear of failure and to become motivated by the work itself and not the grade at the end. It was an incredible shift in thinking from “It’s not good enough for an ‘PASS’” to “It’s not good enough for me”. Also, I will probably be guilt-ridden for the rest of my life.

I have never used a blogs before however I’m selecting this course to improve myself in blogging and I look forward if anyone in course would like to meet and help each other to do better in blogging.


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